The currently difficult times have forced multiple advertising agencies all over the world to shut down. This unfortunately meant that the majority of the projects they had been working on have been postponed.
Due to the social distancing measures all video and photoshoots have been cancelled making it impossible for current and future production of creative content.
This, however, is giving new opportunities to social media influencers. Up until recently, influencers were well on their way of becoming obsolete because people began to loose trust in them. Recent events seemed to have turned the odds back in their favour. According to an article on Business Insider brands are desperate for their creative content skills. Influencers are no longer valued for their influence over social media users but for their technical skills.
Not only are they used to working from home but are also experienced at producing good quality photography, videos and animations. On top of all that their services certainly cost a lot less than those of professional creatives in the industry.
Never before has the industry beed faced with the inability to produce big television campaigns. They had gotten way used to ‘highly polished, professional-looking content’ according to Karyn Spencer, the senior vice president of partnerships at Whalar. Currently he has brought to light that this type of content is not only impossible to produce at this time but is also no longer needed.
‘Whalar told Business Insider that it received a brief last week specifically asking for creators who could help with content creation for a planned television ad.’ Writes Dan Whateley.
As the lockdown period extends and the decline in the economy worsens brands will continue to search for the most frugal advertising options. This currently being social media content creators.
And while they save the industry during these difficult times advertising creatives are being left behind.
The ultimate question is what will happen to industry creatives once this pandemic comes to an end? Will brands still choose to turn to influencers instead of advertising agencies?
Furthermore, Anish Dalal the CEO of a Fortune 500 company told Business Insider that they have began transitioning into animation and very UGC-style type of ads.
As of the moment, the best and most secure passions in the industry seem to belong to content creators with good technical skills.
So what can the new generation of adverting professionals do in this case? Well, I would say use the the current free time to develop some extra creative software skills because our job positions are now up for grabs. Influencers, content creators and social media users in general, everyone is becoming a part of the advertising industry these days.

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Date: 17/04/2020
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