My name is Dayana.
I am really awkward when it comes to writing about myself. So…I’ll just keep this short and sweet, like me, because I’m 5ft tall.
I like Starbucks coffee and binge watching TV series almost as much as visiting Art Exhibitions and going to concerts. According to Buzzfeed I’m a pineapple. I have forcibly developed ‘social distancing’ as a new hobby. However, I very much enjoyed the simpler times when being outside wasn’t illegal.
On to a more serious note I am Graphic Designer/MA Advertising graduate.
As part of my course I have worked on various briefs in collaboration with industry partners: The Telegraph, Advertising Week Europe, global consultancy Oliver Wyman, MediaCom and Genius Steals.
As a Graphic Designer I’m proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere Pro and After Effects, although I love a good old 2B pencil.

​Here are some extra interesting things about me - ‘At least I think so!’ 
1. I can design in Cyrillic [Кирилица]. 
2. I have experience in creative typography ranging from designing my own typefaces using Adobe Illustrator to making them out of ketchup and glued straws. 
3. Helvetica might be the love of my life, but I often catch myself cheating just to keep things interesting. 
4. Been experimenting with kinetic typography over the last year, however, similar to other designers I recently jumped on the Mishko Instagram trend. ​
5. I experiment a lot and express how I feel through my personal work which is heavily influenced by song lyrics and book quotes. 
6. Like everyone else, I’ve been working on bettering myself in quarantine (and by bettering myself, I mean watching all of the shows I’ve been adding to my Netflix queue). However, I find a lot of visual inspiration for video editing.


MA Advertising, 09/2019 to 01/2021
UAL: London Collage of Communication

BA (Hons), Graphic Communication, 10/2016 to 07/2019
The University of Northampton

Secondary Education, Computer Graphics, 09/2012 to 06/2016
Academician Kiril Popov, Exemplary High School of Mathematics
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22 years old
Based in London
Bilingual (English, Bulgarian)
Hobbies: Fine Art | Photography | Print Making

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